Gangrene EP


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released March 22, 2013



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TMHM Saskatchewan

Prairie aggression.

Debut full length Stage Names - Coming August 2016

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Track Name: Kingbowl
some say history is written by he who holds the pen
we're born into caution, our colonies lost it
caught up between our ego and greed

we knew all along

i'll name my first born "progress"
and i'll build her a city as bright as her eyes
but 33 time as filthy and cheap

we knew all along

we'd come to our senses; they'd send us back to the streets
Track Name: Molester
price-fixed, meet sick. comparing our cards and accomplishments
we say this is it, the life of best fit. so show me your fucking soul

all the people i know i know

the end of days, we’re learning to swipe before turning a page
the human race has beginners luck, fuck
prosthetic prosperity

price fixed, meet sick. comparing our cards and accomplishments
we say this is it, the life of best fit

just stay alive. just stay awake.
Track Name: Pisshole
you will be missed
raise your glass to those who have passed and those who have yet to
if we never meet again, my friend, i'm not indifferent
we're sedated right to the end; thank god for western medicine

just bury my burdens with me
without a dollar to my name

i wish i had the chance to say sorry
the chance to say anything at all
i'll sleep with one hand to the heavens and one hand to the sea

so call it pathetic, your bad money pays for good genetics
it's just a sign of the times
Track Name: Lot Lizard
a blue collar choir
a chorus of crack fiends
fuck what we’re told these are worthless semantics
we’ve labeled them as magazines

we’re all in this room to find something we can feel
and we all sail the seas for the keys to success in 10 easy steps

i’m fucking scared of the next 60 years
and jealous of those who are not
of those who are not
the soul we sought

we all sound the same
still looking for the shape of punk to come that came but never stayed

oh, the fathers of fashion list the music of mannequins
the pricetags on passionless
if you’re passionless then get the fuck out the door

so here’s the forecast
for the state of these songs in a week
our mouths move a soulless sound
but we never speak

it’s all to impress record label execs in 10 easy steps
are they living in lies or living in luxury?
fucked up or fancy?
fictions, phantoms or fantasy?

got the chills and the shakes
the first time i heard great lakes
just be proud of the noise that you make
be proud of the noise that you make

and don’t compromise cause real honesty is hard to come by
don’t compromise real honesty
Track Name: Throatpipe
so it goes, she’d always leave you for a billionaire
he says i don’t give my my my love away
he’ll die as broke as me
yeah we all die broke and alone eventually
your system is fucking rigged
but in the end, so is everything
god has a great sense of humor and calls himself entropy
we built the sons of success
and they will drown in their pools of excess
he must have been a go getter
he must have been a go getter, in his day
dead men made into dead letters
they’ve paid off the man in the front row to say
halleluja, i’m saved
can’t look you in your fucking face
we’re all liars these days
so kneel to your master
so kneel to your fucking master
fear the hand that you’re feeding from
love or lack of love
someday we decide which one we’re more proud of
jot a eulogy down on your fat fucking paystub
oh that’s classic
we’re all wearing a mask,oh fan-fucking-tastic
the birth of ghost-written hardcore? thats classic
you marry the man you don’t marry the magic
you don’t marry the magic